2183440 Hand Washing.This topic may seen trivial, but I assure you it may save your life.I will venture to say that the Covid 19 is not entirely a bad thing. I realize this statement is a condamnable heresy, but I hope that my optimism and arguable positive point of you, albeit perverse, somehow mitigate this heresy.Now more than ever I have seen people practice the basic and fundamental hygienic rules. I hope this will become a lifelong habit.I digressed a bit, but here are the fundamentals of handwashing:1) Use soap and clean water. Use plenty of soap to lather both hands. Let the left hand scrubs the right, then the right will return the favor. Do this for about 30 seconds. Then rinse your hands with abundant running water. Do not wash your hands with water that is not running. Then dry your hands with a clean towel. If you’re in a public place, use paper towel to pump the soap and to turn on the water. When you’re done, use new paper towel to dry your hands and to turn off the water. Use the same paper towel to open the door to exit. avoid running your hand along the escalaters’ handrailings. Avoid touching handrails period. Keep a few small pieces of paper in your pocket or purse to open public doors. Discard that piece of paper. 2) Do not use alcohol to cleanse your hands if you can help it. But it’s better than nothing.3) wash your hands after you use the bathroom, before you eat, when you come home ( use the bathroom faucet, not the kitchen’s), after you shake someone’s hand (Do not shake hand if you can help it), before and after you prepare food ( use gloves to handle meat and seafood).4) Do not eat out if you can help it. By all means, avoid fast food. When you go to a new restaurant, visit the bathroom first. If the bathroom is not clean, exit promptly. The bathroom’s cleanliness is a reflection of the restaurant’s efforts to keep things clean. Remember: Soap and water are best. Thank you for reading. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Dr E.

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