Healthcare and Politics

Where do I even start? Let’s see: Healthcare should be about health you’d reason. Nope, healthcare has become primarily a very filthily lucrative business camouflaged with the veneer of health provision. Those who benefit the most from healthcare are not the patients. Not the providers ( doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs, etc.). The insurances and “nonprofit hospitals” benefit the most.

Can anyone justify a $9,000 bill from Orlando Health ER for a visit that lasted less than 2 hours? A CT scan of the head and a doctor telling you he “doesn’t think it’s anything serious”. For $9,000 , I would expect a more definitive statement or diagnosis, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, a bottle of Malk, crème brulée; and a rebate of $6,000. Nothing in that 1.5 hour visit justified that $9,000 bill.

Insurances decide what they will pay and what they will not pay. The patients or doctors have no say. A provider can spend a whole day seeing patients pro bono because the insurances may deem that the visits were not medically necessary. And the provider has no legal recourse that won’t cost him what he’s trying to recuperate and then some. So the provider is legally discouraged.

I think better care will be provided when the middle man is removed. Insurance companies have become too powerful. Insurance Companies that have shareholders should not have a say in anyone’s health care decisions. It’s a blatant conflict of interest. They will tend to deny expensive medications and complicated procedures. And they do.

A direct pay system will solve so many headaches. The patients will win. The providers will save a lot of time as they won’t have to file so many nonsensical papers to get paid for a visit. More time will be dedicated to patient care.

The current healthcare system is bleeding profusely. Insurances and hospitals are the ones sucking the blood. As long as the officials can collect taxes from hard working people and use that money to favor whoever contributed to their election, the system will keep on bleeding.

Doctors seem to be doing well enough to keep their mouths shut. Living in a 4,500sf home in a gated community with 2.5 children, a dog, and a pool with a white picketed fence while saying a casual hello to their well to do neighbors seem to confer to them a sense of security and definite delusion. Starting the engine of that Audi Q7 every morning is tantamount to a shot of tequila providing euphoria and inebriation. They will not do anything to threaten that seeming security. Call it selfishness or cowardice, it is the defining attribute of all doctors who keep their mouth shut for the sake of the status quo. The people who don’t even know our names, but entrust their lives and health to us deserve an octave above nill of our voice.

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