Is The Tesla Toxic?

Elon Musk with his intelligence should also know that sitting right behind 1,200 pounds of raging lithium ion batteries discharging about 85KWh (model S 100KWh) for several years will undoubtedly culminate into all the manifestations of lithium poisoning, including kidney failure. The Tesla’s engine is very powerful. Its action potential is more than we’ve ever seen. There is a formidable explosion of electricity whose secondary effects may permeate through the vehicle’s interior. But we are reactive and waiting for a few rich people with unexplained symtoms and kiney failure to connect the dots with Tesla. This latter is a pretty cool car. Maybe driving it in addition to paying the cost of a small house is still worth a few kidneys. I do hope I’m wrong because there are a lot of Tesla on the road.

Thank you for reading.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

Dr E

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