Flu, Agent Double O- 19 is the new action figure. Take a rest.

How is it that an individual with no medical training is able to tell the medical community how to treat a deadly virus? Elon Musk suggests to treat covid19 the same way SARS was treated; with hydroxychloroquine.

I’m not sure why the medical community and the media decided to call the virus, Covid19. It is a coronavirus. Call it a coronavirus just like SARS is a coronavirus. They don’t call the flu a different name every year, they call it inluenza every year. So why screwing around with the name of the crown shaped virus. Indeed, CORONA means crown. So SARS, Covid19 and the original coronavirus are all coronaviruses. Could it be that they want to create a sense of novelty, then chaos, and whatever else flies their kites? Sensationalism has undoubtedly eclipsed journalism in this country.

Why is the medical community so lazy? I guess they may not be, otherwise they would not have earned their credentials. They are probably too busy with unnecessary things like paperwork and prior authaurizarion for medications or procedures. If we called the virus what it is, then the people would know that it is not that exotic and we would not be so panicked.

Hydroxychloroquine is a great drug. I use it for a variety of ailments; form autoimmune diseases to intractable generalized pain. It prevents autoimmune cells or parasites (like malaria) or certain viruses from attaching to the cells. That way, the immune system will not start to overreact and cause all the terrible symptoms and, alas, serious complications like death. Why is it everytime I prescribe plaquenil for my patients with autoimmune disease the pharmacy call my office asking if it to treat Covid19 ? There’s something suspicious here.

Pharmaceutical companies are racing to find a vaccine for Covid19 that would cost you your first born, a kidney, in addition to an ovary or a testicle. This vaccine money cannot be made if the disease is being successfully treated with plaquenil. So they dont want to give plaquenil to Covid19 positive patients. It’s not good for business. As the martyrs from Italy, Spain , and New York are being mass cremated , Big Pharma are hoping to get a vaccine before Summer, because Summer will swallow the virus and any profits that could come with it.

Hey! What happened to the flu this year? It must have suddenly taken a bow, leaving the scene, and relinquishing the leading role to a better actor, Agent Coco19.. Well double O 19 is certainly a more sensational actor with far more nail biting anxious viewers. So whoever gets the vaccine first, gets to take the box office content home.. it’s a money game while they’re playing with our lives. Prince Charles who is tested positive for Covid 19 received 200mg of plaquenil twice a day for 5days. Prove me wrong!

It is not that I’m taking the seriosness of the virus lightly. It is deadly and you shoud take all necessary precautions. I am rather baffled by our lacune as health care professionals. We go strictly by the book like decerebrate robots and develop violent allergies to anything outside of the box of our accustomed medical practice. We need to think more.

Elon has no medical background. If he can suggest a treatment for a deadly virus, then anyone carrying a medical license or who is medically trained should too.

Thank you for reading.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

Dr E

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